Random Number Generator Analysis

This is a project to make statistics about all random number generators on the market.

We want to collect information on all kinds of random number generators out there, eg. Hardware RNGs, Crypto PRNGs, encoding software, compression software, ... We are analysing all of them, and we are providing a report about the results here.

FAQ: Why do you need this?
  • We want to get a market overview of the whole random number generator market
  • If I need X Random numbers per second from a good Hardware Random number generator, how much do I have to to pay, and where do I get it?
  • We want to compare hardware random number generators against crypto pseudo random generators
  • We want to have a randomness classification system, where we can analyse unknown random numbers, and be able to compare the quality with known hardware and crypto generators
  • We want to run this as a service, so that everyone can easily have their own random data tested and compared against the best, in an easy and objective test

FAQ: How can I help?
  • If you have a random generator yourself, please extract minimum 12 MB of randomness (or much more, if possible, maximum 1GB), and submit it here.
  • If you know someone else, who has a random number generator, please tell him/her about the project.

FAQ: How are the random numbers being analyzed?
  • At the moment, we are using ENT and diehard for analysis. ENT is used to sort all results, and diehard is used to raise red flags. We are trying to switch to dieharder which promises better tests than diehard.

FAQ: Which format do I have to save the random numbers in?
  • Please save your binary (non-decimal!) random numbers into a raw binary file (not a text-file!), make sure that you do not add CRLF line-endings. An example file can be found here.

FAQ: What was the impact of this project?
  • We discovered predictable random number generators, contacted the vendors and got them to fix their products.

If you want to contact me: pg @ futureware . at

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